Terms of service

Article 1 (this agreement)
info-digital.net hereinafter “this site”), for customers using this service (hereinafter referred to as “members”) about the “video content sales agency” (hereinafter referred to as “this service”) provided by this site ) Will use the functions of this service to establish the terms of use (hereinafter referred to as “these Terms”) as follows.

Article 2 (Change of these Terms)
This site can change this agreement without consent of the member when judging it necessary.
In this case, the terms of use of this service shall be based on the changed terms.
Changes to this agreement will be announced to members at any time on-line or on a separate basis by this site.
The changed terms shall take effect from the time the site publishes it.

Article 3 (Member registration)
In order to apply for membership registration of this service, we will do according to the method separately specified by this site.
Members shall be deemed to have agreed to the contents of this membership agreement at the time of acceptance of this website by this site.
Members agree to acquire and use the registration information to the extent necessary for this site and alliance partners of this site to provide this service.

Article 4 (refusal of member registration)
This site can refuse membership registration of those who wish to register if the applicant who applied for member registration falls under any of the following reasons. If this site refuses membership registration, we will not disclose the reason.

In the event that this site judges that there is a possibility of violating this agreement or a violation
When there is falsehood, serious misprints, omission, etc. in all or part of the registration information provided to this site
When you have been withdrawn from membership due to violation of membership agreement in the past
In addition, regardless of the reason, when judging that this site is not suitable for membership registration

Article 5 (Change of Registration Information)
The member shall promptly notify the change matter when there is a change in its registration information.
If there is a notification of content change on this site, the contents of registration shall be changed according to the notification.
If the member suffers some disadvantage due to the absence of notification, this site is not responsible at all.

Article 6 (User name and password management responsibilities)
The use and management of user name and password shall be done at the members’ own risk.
Members shall not perform any acts such as leakage of user names and passwords to third parties, licensing, lending, transfer, transfer of ownership, trading, or other collateral.
The responsibility for the damage caused by the use of the user name and password shall be borne by the member and the site shall not bear any responsibility.
If the member finds the fact of lost, stolen passwords of passwords, facts of use by third parties, or the fact that there is a possibility of it, the member shall immediately notify this site to that effect.

Article 7 (Compensation for Damages)
If you give damages to this site or other person through the use of this service, the member shall indemnify the damage with your own responsibility and expenses.

Article 8 (Copyright)
The information, photographs and other copyrighted material posted on this service shall belong to the author or copyright owner of this site or work.
Members shall not conduct acts that violate copyrights, trademark rights, etc., such as reproduction, diversion, public transmission, assignment, adaptation and translation of this site work.

Article 9 (Prohibited matter)
When using this service, we will prohibit acts that fall under any of the following items.
In the event that this site judges that the act of a member falls under any of the following items, we shall suspend all or part of said act without notice in advance, and take all measures to eliminate said violation We shall be able to take measures.

Acts of infringing intellectual property rights such as copyright and trademark right of this site or others
Acts that infringe the property, privacy or portrait rights of others
Acts of damaging this site, contents providers of this service, or other third party’s honor or credibility
Tampering or erasing information on this site or others accessible by this service
Action to leak personal information to other members or third parties
Act to pretend to be someone else to use this service
Political activities, religious activities, acts leading to them, or acts contrary to public order and morality
Acts of using the name of this site without permission
Act of giving, lending, assigning, trading, or other collateral to a third party of membership qualification
Acts trying to hinder the operation of this service
Acts contrary to the purpose of this service, leading to crime
Any other act that the Site judges inappropriate regardless of the reason

Article 10 (Change and termination of service)
This site can change the contents and name of this service without prior notice to the member.
However, in case of changing the amount of usage fee or termination of this service (hereinafter collectively referred to as “change etc.”), it will be announced to the member in advance either online or in a manner specified separately by this site.
Please note that this site is not responsible for any damages suffered by members or other persons due to change etc. unless otherwise specified in this membership agreement.

Article 11 (About provided contents)
In this service, we provide the following contents.

Format collection (contract form, content certification postal form, labor form, company law notice form etc.)
Legal consultation Q & A (Open questions and questions about laws in Q & A format)
Current Affairs Problem Explanation (Video commentary on familiar legal problems)
Legal information (distribution of legal information related to management)
Free member video content
Free member e-book
We do not accept legal consultation and attorneys’ advice on this site and this service.
In addition, this site may change or add content contents or name of the contents or terminate the contents provision without notifying the members in advance.

Article 12 (Interruption or suspension of services and contents)
If any of the following reasons arise, this site temporarily suspends or stops this service and contents (hereinafter collectively referred to as “the Service, etc.”) without notifying the members in advance You must to do something before you go on.

In addition, even if the delay, suspension, suspension, etc. of the provision of this service occur due to any of the following reasons or other reasons, the site shall specify in particular in this Membership Agreement about the damage suffered by the member or another person Except for any responsibility, we shall assume no responsibility.

Periodical or urgent maintenance of facilities for this service etc.
When the service etc. can not be provided due to fire, power outage, etc.
When the service etc. can not be provided due to natural disasters such as earthquake, tsunami
War, disturbance, riot, labor dispute, etc. can not provide the service etc.
In addition, if it is judged that temporary interruption of this service etc. is necessary for operational or technical reasons or due to the convenience of this site

Article 13 (Transfer and sale of services)
This site does not guarantee the legality compatibility and validity of the contents of this service.
In order to expand this service, this site may outsource other company’s services or companies, or sell this service to other companies, or manage this service to other companies.
In that case, we may transfer all or part of the information of the member to a third party for the purpose of continuing the service provided to the member or for the purpose of other service management.
When this site sells this service, the site may transfer the member’s personal information without prior consent.
In this case, the transfer destination shall impose the handling of personal information equal to or more than that at the time of operation of this site regarding protection of personal information.

Article 14 (Disclaimer)
This site is not responsible for any disadvantage or damage caused to the user when using this service etc.
Any information on the information obtained from this service etc. by the user shall be judged by the user’s responsibility and this site will not do any guarantee.
Regarding the equipment and software used by users, this site will not guarantee its operation at all.

Article 15 (Cancellation of membership)
In the event that the member falls under any of the following items, this site may temporarily suspend or cancel the use of this service without notifying the said member in advance.

When it falls under any of the prohibited items of each item of Article 9, or it turns out that it violates this agreement
If falsehood, important mistyping, or omission is found in all or part of the registration information provided to this site
In the event of interfering with the operation of this site and this service
Whether it is an antisocial force, or if it is related to such forces, or has been involved in the past
In the case of a violation of laws, crimes, or conducts that are likely to occur or they are suspected of being involved in a criminal case and there is a danger that the credibility of this site will be harmed by continuing this agreement
In addition, when judging that this site is inappropriate as a member
Regardless of whether or not the site is dismissed or the use of “My legal premium”, if the member suffers damage due to any of the items of Article 9 or each item of this Article, You can claim compensation for damages suffered by the member.

Article 16 (Distribution of advertisements and e-mail magazines)
The members agree that the advertisement etc. will be posted on this service, and that the e-mail magazine containing advertisements etc. will be delivered.
Transactions between members and advertisers such as advertisements posted on this service including e-mail newsletter are to be carried out under the responsibility of both parties.
This site is not responsible for damage caused by transactions made by advertisements etc. posted on this service or e-mail magazine, and damage caused by the advertisement being posted itself.

Article 17 (Personal Information)
This site will handle it appropriately based on the “Privacy Policy” posting personal information of members separately online.

Article 18 (Regarding Governing Law)
The United States law applies to these Terms.